Collaborative Assessment& Care

Big Sky Collaborative Assessment & Care (CAC) is proud to offer an interdisciplinary assessment program led by a team of Austin's most qualified and well respected healthcare professionals. This unique approach is designed to look at the whole child and provide support and care for the entire family. We take pride in delivering a warm, comforting, and family–friendly atmosphere while guiding you through the assessment process to determine the best care for your child.

We are Integrated

We are committed to helping families discover the best course of action for their child. We are unified in our efforts to not only deliver the comprehensive program, but to offer support to families as they navigate their path following the assessment process.

We are Interdisciplinary

We bring together the expertise of a Licensed Psychologist specializing in developmental psychology and early childhood assessments, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a physical therapist, an educational consultant, and a board certified behavior analyst, as well as a peer mentor who has shared similar experiences.

We are Coordinated

We understand that each child is complex and distinct; therefore, we provide a highly individualized program based on your child and family. We have a wide array of professionals allowing us to bring together the team that will best serve your individual needs. We look forward to collaborating with your family while you discover the path to your child's fullest potential. Please contact us to help determine if this program is a good fit for your child: or 512-306-8007.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does the program look like?

We will guide you through a series of three appointments including an in-depth parent interview, a collaborative assessment, and a summary discussion session. During your first appointment, you will meet with a Licensed Psychologist, and a lead occupational therapist. They will assist you in gathering questions for the assessment and determine the personalized team that will be working with your child. In the second appointment, the chosen team of professionals will conduct a thorough developmental evaluation including a combination of standardized tests and play-based activities. In the third session, your team will help you navigate a path for your child and family by answering questions, making recommendations and providing additional resources and support. We will also contact you two weeks after your third appointment to follow up and answer any additional questions that may arise. You will have the option to meet with a family member who has shared similar experiences to answer questions and provide support. We will walk you through every step of this process and will provide you with the support and resources that you need.

Why choose this program?

This program brings together the knowledge of a variety of highly qualified specialists who are committed to a collaborative approach when assessing and making recommendations for your child. We are focused on answering your specific questions and concerns regarding your child and providing you with a tailor-made assessment process

What are common questions that lead families to this program?

We are here to help families find answers to their questions and then support and assist you along your journey. Some common questions that lead families to our program are:

  • Why won't my child make eye contact with me?
  • Why is my child irritable and crying despite my attempts to comfort him/her?
  • Why is my child easily distractible and has difficulty sitting still?
  • Why is my child uninterested in new toys and only plays with toys in one way?
  • Why is my child meeting their developmental milestones later than his/her peers?
  • Why are everyday activities (e.g. changing diapers, washing hands or changing clothes) difficult?
  • Why does my child seem to have a "floppy" body?
  • Why is my child sensitive to noises, smells, tastes, and textures?
  • Why doesn't my child want to cuddle?
  • Why does my child have trouble sleeping and/or with bedtime routines?
  • Why does my child have difficulty recovering from disappointment or change in plans?
  • Why does my child have extreme behaviors in public?
  • Why is my child afraid of things that others find enjoyable?
  • Why is it difficult for my child to stop one activity and start another?
  • Why are daily routines difficult for my child to remember?
  • Why does my child often forget important items (e.g. toys, coat, backpack, homework)?
  • Why isn't my child motivated by rewards?
  • Why does my child have difficulty remembering information (e.g. names, directions)?
  • Why does my child have difficulty seeing different possible outcomes?
  • Why is my child impulsive and constantly grabbing others' toys?
  • Why does my child take an excessive amount of time completing a task?
  • Why doesn't my child respond when their name is called even though their hearing has been checked?
Who will be assessing my child?

We have a team of highly qualified specialists. This team includes a Licensed Psychologist specializing in developmental psychology and early childhood assessments, a lead occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a physical therapist, an educational consultant (play-based therapist), and a board certified behavior analyst. A combination of these specialists will be selected based on your child's individual needs.

What information will I gain from this?

In addition to getting answers, your family will walk away with an understanding of how to navigate the next steps in supporting your child. You will receive in-depth reports to share with your child's school and other professionals. Recommendations from our team as well as a personalized list of references will be offered to your family based on specialty, convenient locations, and insurance acceptance. You will also have access to a peer mentor that has already been through a similar process. The peer mentor will be there to support, listen, and relay details of their journey to you as well as help to answer any questions that you may have.

What ages does this program serve?

Our program is designed for children birth-6 years old.

Does insurance cover this program?

We will walk you through the portions of the assessment that are billable to insurance. Several of the therapists on our team are contracted with insurance providers; therefore assessment costs may include a combination of "in-network" and "out-of-network" benefits. If requested, we will submit claims to your insurance provider. Coverage for these claims will be determined by your individual plan's policies.

What does this program cost?

Due to the personalization of this program, there is a range in pricing based on the assessments that your child will need. Please contact our office at (512)306-8007 or for more information.