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Vital Stim Therapy

A non-invasive therapy that uses an electrical current to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing while trained specialists help patients to "re-educate" the muscles with special exercises. The small, carefully calibrated current is delivered by specially designed electrodes, which are placed on the back of the neck. The current stimulates motor nerves in the throat while the patient practices swallowing exercises that cause the swallowing muscles to contract.

Symptoms of dysphagia include: aspiration or penetration of liquids into the airway, atypical voice quality (wet, hoarse or weak), feeling like food is stuck in the throat, drooling, multiple swallows required to clear food, delayed swallowing trigger, anterior spillage of foods or liquids, vallecular pooling, premature spillage of foods or liquids into the airway and nasal regurgitation.

If you see a child that has difficulty eating or drinking, VitalStim Therapy should be considered. For more information on VitalStim or candidacy for treatment, please refer to or call Big Sky Pediatric Therapy and speak with Caren Arnold, our certified VitalStim specialist.

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