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Photograph of Mary McCarthy

Mary McCarthy, Ph.D

Licensed Psychologist specializing in Developmental Psychology & early childhood assessments

Mary McCarthy, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice serving children, adolescents, and their families. Dr. McCarthy became certified in Early Childhood Intervention and Assessment in 1991 and has worked often with Interdisciplinary teams providing services to people with disabilities and their families. Previously, Dr. McCarthy served as Director of Interdisciplinary Training for the Center for Disability Studies (formerly the Texas UAP) at the University of Texas at Austin. She taught courses and supervised students across University departments in a variety of disability related areas including Child Assessments and Early Childhood Intervention. Dr. McCarthy conducted nationally funded research projects and lectured frequently on a number of disability related issues. Currently, Dr. McCarthy serves as a founding member of the Therapeutic Assessment Institute and is certified in Therapeutic Assessment with children and families. She serves children with disabilities including severe and chronic conditions and their families integrating assessment and intervention strategies across settings including therapy teams and the schools.

Photograph of Caren Arnold

Caren Arnold, OTD, OTR

Occupational Therapist

Caren Arnold received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee in Exercise Science and her Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University, Nashville. Caren has worked in private practice, private schools, inpatient and outpatient pediatric hospitals, and has served on a Collaborative Developmental Assessment Program. She specializes in sensory integration, autism spectrum disorders, dysgraphia/dyslexia, and sensory feeding. Specialty certifications include: The ALERT program, Interactive Metronome, Debra Beckman's Oral Motor Skills and Mary Benbow's foundational hand skills, and Vital Stimulation (NMES certified). Caren has also developed a cursive writing protocol, a curriculum for intensive print and cursive handwriting camps, and is skilled in conducting wheelchair and equipment evaluations. She provides continuing education courses for teachers in area preschools on Sensory Integration.

Photograph of Carolyn King

Carolyn King, M.S., OTR

Occupational Therapist

Carolyn King received both her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She has experience working with children with developmental delays, dysgraphia, autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing dysfunctions, attention deficit disorders, motor coordination disorders, neurological injuries/impairments, attachment disorders, and a variety of other diagnoses. She has experience completing school visits to observe a child in their natural setting and then providing recommendations and accommodations to help modify the classroom. Additionally, she specializes in sensory integration and has been trained and certified in Astronaut Training: A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual protocol.

Photograph of Michelle Curtis

Michelle Curtis, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Michelle Curtis moved to Austin from Washington, D.C. in May 2011. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Chemistry and Masters of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from James Madison University. Michelle has worked in the private practice setting providing passionate, quality care to patients ranging from infancy to adolescence. Through her experiences working with families, Michelle always strives to provide functional and family oriented care for each child on her caseload. Her expertise and interests are diverse and include: autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, childhood apraxia of speech, executive functioning deficits, brain tumors, strokes, ADHD/ADD, specific language impairments, expressive and receptive language delays, late talkers, early intervention, auditory processing disorders, stuttering/fluency, and articulation/ phonological disorders. Michelle is trained in PROMPT (PROMPTs for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets), which is a holistic, dynamic, multi-sensory therapy approach for individuals with speech production disorders.

Photograph of Agata Scott

Agata Scott, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Agata Scott received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, the study of anatomy and movement from the University of Texas in Austin, where her passion for working with children began when assisting through TAP (The Autism Project). She went on to received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Angelo State University where she performed and defended her research on the benefits of yoga in the pediatric population. Agata is a certified personal trainer and currently working on her MCMT Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy. She has experience treating children of all ages with torticollis, equinus varus (toe walking), autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, developmental delays and orthopedic injuries. She also treats adults with various neurological and orthopedic disorders when she is not at Big Sky.

Photograph of Korie Knapp

Korie Knapp, M.Ed., BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Currently, Korie Knapp is working at Behavioral Innovations in Austin, Texas Westlake location where she works with people of all ages on the autism spectrum. Korie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with certifications in Communication and Mediation from the University of Colorado and a Master of Education degree with certification in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis from Texas State University. She is credentialed as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has worked in the field for over eight years in private and public settings where she has experience working with a wide-range of ages and support levels. Korie is experienced working in a clinical, school, and in-home setting providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for children as well as adults on the autism spectrum by providing Functional Behavior Assessments, developing Behavior Intervention Plans, Skills Assessments, and designing individualized reinforcement systems and individualized treatment plans. She is accustomed to working collaboratively with families and teams of professionals to produce meaningful and significant behavioral outcomes in a kind, caring, and professional manner.

Photograph of Marci Godbee

Marci Godbee

Floortime Therapist and ABA Therapist

Marci Godbee is the founder of Playworks Consulting, L.L.C. and serves as a play coach and consultant, designing and delivering intervention to promote social development in young children through play. Marci trained under Dr. Rick Soloman, renowned developmental pediatrician and founder of the PLAY Project. Marci began her career as an educator where she became aware of her love for working with children with developmental and behavioral challenges. Pursuing her passion, she became a Behavior Support Specialist with Region XIII Education Service Center, servicing children with special needs around central Texas. She brings years of experience providing a combination of direct coaching, consultation, and advocacy for families as well as large group training and presentations for educators and administrators. Marci presented at the 2012 Texas Autism Conference on play-based strategies to increase the social development of young children with autism spectrum disorder. Marci is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where she majored in both Elementary Education and Special Education, with a concentration in individualized programming for children with mild to moderate disabilities. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Educational Psychology at Texas A&M.

Photograph of Jill Douglas

Jill Douglas

Peer Mentor

My name is Jill Douglas and I want to personally welcome you and your family to Big Sky Pediatric Therapy's Collaborative Assessment and Care Program. I sincerely wish that something like this existed when we were going through the diagnostic process with our four-year-old son just a few short years ago. Instead, we spent many months consulting with various professionals in the Austin autism community "one-on-one" and confusingly received varying diagnoses. It was difficult not having one comprehensive "plan of attack" to set in motion immediately following the receipt of his diagnosis. To be honest, we only found the type of help that I felt as my son deserved, a team approach, when we started working with Caren Arnold and the amazing team of professionals at Big Sky Pediatric Therapy. In short, I would strongly encourage anyone beginning their diagnostic journey to partner with Big Sky...I am their biggest fan and advocate and I am proud to serve as a parent liaison/peer mentor for this innovative and ground-breaking program!

Photograph of Jenny Holm

Jenny Holm

Peer Mentor

My name is Jenny Holm and I am a mom of two kiddos-Will (8 years old; diagnosed PDD-NOS at 2 1/2 years old) and Stella Jane (6 years old; typically developing). Will was very delayed in speech, made little (if any) eye-contact, and had many sensory issues and food aversions. I always heard that "boys just talk later". We have struggled through finding those critical resources and the challenges of extended family not understanding / accepting the actuality of our situation. It amazes me to think of how far we have come! I personally know it is incredibly overwhelming to receive an autism diagnosis. But, I also know it is important for you to surround yourself with a great team of strong advocates and support, not only for your child, but for you. I have been where you are and would love for you to meet me and my blonde-haired guy and see how far we have come. He now takes weekly piano, horseback, and gymnastics classes, all with "typical" kids.) Just as Caren and her team have been there for me, I am here for you! You can do this!!

Photograph of Dori Chappell

Dori Chappell

Program & Marketing Coordinator for Big Sky Pediatric Therapy

Dori Chappell received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from St. Edward's University. She has worked with Big Sky Pediatric Therapy for the past four years and is currently coordinating the marketing and outreach program. Before joining Big Sky, Dori worked several years providing ABA therapy for children with autism. She is passionate about being part of team that is dedicated to seeing children succeed in all areas of life.

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