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Big Sky Groups and Camps

Technically Speaking

Description: Campers will practice incorporating total communication (speech generating device, sign language, oral language) in a fun, engaging peer-based environment. Children will increase their conversational skills through play-based activities that motivate the use of their communication tools to request, describe, comment, and ask questions. The goal of the group is to help your child increase their use of functional communication with peers of similar communication styles.

When: June 26 - 30 from 10am - 12pm

Ages: 5-8 years old

Cost: $280

All-star Players

Description: This camp will teach play skills such as sharing, turn taking, imitating, pretend play and waiting through fun, motivating activities. This group will also incorporate small group activities such as circle time, singing and reading to facilitate attending to a structured task in a group setting.

When: July 10 - 14 from 10am - 12pm

Ages: 3-4 years old

Cost: $280

Social Super Heroes

Description: Children will learn how to form relationships and interact appropriately with their peers in a classroom setting. Through play-based fine and gross motor activities, children will discover new tools and strategies related to starting conversations, turn taking, sharing, winning and losing and more.

When: July 17 - 21 from 10am - 12pm

Ages: 5-6 years old

Cost: $325

Problem Solving Private Eyes

Description: Children will work together to create a weekly group plan and execute a project together. During the week, these 11 executive functioning skills will be addressed: response inhibition, emotional control, task initiation, organization, goal-directed persistence, flexibility, working memory, sustained attention, planning/prioritization, time management and metacognition. All of these skills are necessary to navigate a busy classroom and participate in team sports.

When: August 7 - 11 from 4pm - 6pm

Ages: 7-9 years

Cost: $325

Handwriting Rocks

Description: Handwriting Rocks will focus on efficient formation of print by teaching a kinesthetic approach to handwriting (how it feels to produce a letter). The camp will address sizing, spacing, rate or speed of writing and include generation of thoughts and ideas. Kids will become better and more confident writers while having fun with peers.

When: July 24-28 from 9am to 12pm

Ages: Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Cost: $425, includes a snack and materials

Handwriting Rocks 2

Description: Handwriting Rocks 2 will focus on efficient formation of print letters in addition to cursive writing (dependent on demand). This camp will place a high emphasis on thought generation, creative writing and thought organization to encourage independent thought formation. The camp will also address sizing, spacing, rate or speed of writing and legibility. Kids will become better and more confident writers while having fun with peers.

When: July 31 - August 4 from 9am to 12pm

Ages: 3rd to 5th grade

Cost: $425, includes a snack and materials

Camp registration closes 2 weeks prior to the start date
so call us today to enroll your child!

A discount of 5% will be applied for anyone that registers for 2 or more camps

Spots are limited!!

Contact us at 512.306.8007, ext. 208, or send an email to

Big Sky Groups and Camps

Is your child ready for pre-school?
Can your child sit and attend to an activity for 5 minutes?
Does your child like to participate in group activities?
Does your child follow simple directions in a busy environment?

Do you want to build a good foundation for school for your toddler?

Do you want to encourage your child to be more social around other children?

Join us for Big Sky Pediatric Therapy's Pre-school preparatory program!

Let's play and prepare for preschool together!

Pre-school prep will be held on Wednesdays
$700 (payment plans available)
If you pay in full, you will receive a 5% discount!
Call 512.306.8007, ext. 208, to reserve your spot today!

If this is your first time participating in Big Sky's Preschool prep program, please email us at to fill out the initial intake form.

Goals of the program

  • To introduce your child to the preschool experience in a small, friendly and supportive environment
  • To increase your child's independence and confidence while working in small groups
  • To increase your child's understanding and ability to complete transitions within a group setting

What to expect

  • A small group of well-matched children from the ages of 2.5 to 4 years old led by an experienced occupational therapist and an experienced speech therapist
  • A fun, structured environment and curriculum that fosters social interactions, play, language development in addition to development of gross, fine and visual motor skills
  • A variety of ideas and activities to carryover to your home environment for continued practice throughout the week


  • A weekly group held on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:30 am
  • The program will run for 8 weeks to ensure optimal time and skill development for your child
  • Wednesday group runs June 7th – July 26th

Did you know Big Sky now offers Home Supervision Services for Integrated Listening Systems? Call our office for more information or to get started. For more information about ILS, here's a great resource:

Adaptive Equipment Evaluations

Did you know that Big Sky does wheelchair and other adaptive equipment evaluations? If your child needs a new wheelchair or other adaptive equipment, please call our office at (512)- 306-8007 to schedule an evaluation today.


big sky new program announcement

Big Sky Pediatric Therapy is pleased to announce a new program!

We have teamed with a psychologist specializing in developmental psychology and early childhood assessments, a BCBA, an educational consultant, in combination with our own OT, PT and ST therapists to form a collaborative assessment and care team focused on ages birth through 6 years old. This will be a unique opportunity for parents searching for answers for their children. The benefits will be that a team of healthcare professionals will have the chance to present a unified plan and recommendations for the family. Parents will then have the opportunity after the process to be paired with a peer mentor (a parent who has been through similar circumstances) to share experiences and answer questions on a personal level.

For more information about Big Sky's Collaborative Assessment and Care, please click here or contact Dori Chappell - or (512) 306-8007 ext. 210.

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